She Reads Truth, finally.

So there is this popular blogger that has hipster images and quotes that I’ve halfheartedly read in passing when other people share it on Facebook. But today I felt the urge to click on it which lead me to the actual blog entry with the image. It ended up hitting me in the face real hard.


The blog I’m talking about is called She Reads Truth.

And here’s a link to the entry that hit me in the face in the best way possible. She Reads Truth

Here is a portion from the blog that I really liked…”We write people off, and we lose hope for ourselves. But God, in His good providence, was pleased to change Saul. He called him to be an apostle. And look what happened to Saul! He turned and made 180 degrees of change. He was a brand new man with a brand new, but conveniently similar, name: Paul! This change was real. Saul went from really hating the gospel, to loving, protecting, and defending it. Because the gospel is true, we can trust that God can change hearts just as dramatically today. Paul had a deep dark secret, too. But it wasn’t actually so secret: he murdered Christians. And who on earth would believe Paul could change? But God is not like man, nor are His gracious purposes confounded by our sinfulness. Though Paul’s sin was great, God’s grace was greater. What a comfort this is for sinners like you and me!”


If you have been like me and avoided reading them because it seems like the hip thing to do and you are so over popular hipster trends, well then I suggest you get over it and try it out. I don’t regret it. You can’t judge everything based off appearances.


All these images were taken by me on a Saturday sunrise in mid August with my trusty Nikon at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.


Lastly, this song seems to go well with the blog post. It’s been one of my favorites lately.