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All rights are reserved on my images but if you would like to reblog (with a reference/link back to me) that is fine but I would love a heads up! (Mainly so I can admire your blog as well!) If you would like to use an image commercially, want a print, or anything please contact me at marysharpjohnson@gmail.com! Thanks for your support! I'm a 28 year old gal married to my best friend. We currently live in Dallas, but I was grew up in North Louisiana. I'm from a small town called Log Cabin and I'm still not used to living the city life. I love photography, vintage clothing, and art, but above all else God is my first priority. I'm from a family with 8 children and I come in second to last. I have 6 older brothers, a younger sister, and as you can imagine a ton of nieces and nephews at this point. I want this wordpress site to be a place to reflect, be inspired, and look back at some of the photography I'l be taking over time.

My Photography Website is Public! Let’s Celebrate!


It has been a bit since I posted. I needed a break from the hustle and the pressure of social media to get some things done! And that is exactly what I did!

My husband finally finished my photography website and business cards! The cards are in and the site is up! So begins the official start of my business. I have been going for some time just on the faith of my clients to trust me to deliver, but now they have something to actually look at and a way to contact me! And they can share my cards with interested friends! I couldn’t be more excited and nervous all at the same time.

I am sure that God will open the right doors and close the wrong ones! I pray for each soul that I come in contact with.


This sunset photo is from 2012 about 4 months after Wes and I got married. The reflection is actually from the top of the Grand Marquis I was driving at the time, but I like that if you didn’t know you may think it’s a body of water. I took this before I was using photoshop or had my current (marvelous) camera. I am so thankful that I have a great camera to work with now and have grown tremendously in my skills with photoshop considering I couldn’t even open and close it before Christmas of 2012!

I pray for my words and interactions to be the love of our Father embracing them! I want to be His vessel through my business. People sometimes think that this journey may mean success and money in the future, but that is not my intention or goal. My “success” comes through loving and ministering to those I photograph. If they leave feeling cared for then I’ve done what I set out to do. I think that with a focus on ministry instead of money my photos can touch souls in ways I may not even realize. My prayer for my business is that it brings hope to the broken-hearted, makes the insecure feel beautiful inside and out, and to bless families of all sizes. I’m passionate about being driven to do my Father’s business. That’s what’s most important. Not money, fame, or worldly success.

My website is marysharpjohnson.com so please check it out if you get an opportunity. There are still some mobile tweaks that Wesley is working on, but in time we hope to have the site fully functional on tablets, all types of phones, and computers. Most people are on the go and I’d love to make it easy to access in whatever form that works best for you guys!


What an exciting journey this will be! I’d love to hear from any and all of you! Send me an email via the contact form on my website or just copy and paste from here. marysharpjohnson@gmail.com

What has your fall looked like? What new adventure are you on?



You can study God through everything and everyone in the universe…


You can study God through everything and everyone in the universe, because God is not confined in a mosque, synagogue or church. But if you are still in need of knowing where exactly His abode is, there is only one place to look for him: in the heart of a true lover.

_Shams Tabrizi

watercolor on paper watercolor on paper

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She Reads Truth, finally.

So there is this popular blogger that has hipster images and quotes that I’ve halfheartedly read in passing when other people share it on Facebook. But today I felt the urge to click on it which lead me to the actual blog entry with the image. It ended up hitting me in the face real hard.


The blog I’m talking about is called She Reads Truth.

And here’s a link to the entry that hit me in the face in the best way possible. She Reads Truth

Here is a portion from the blog that I really liked…”We write people off, and we lose hope for ourselves. But God, in His good providence, was pleased to change Saul. He called him to be an apostle. And look what happened to Saul! He turned and made 180 degrees of change. He was a brand new man with a brand new, but conveniently similar, name: Paul! This change was real. Saul went from really hating the gospel, to loving, protecting, and defending it. Because the gospel is true, we can trust that God can change hearts just as dramatically today. Paul had a deep dark secret, too. But it wasn’t actually so secret: he murdered Christians. And who on earth would believe Paul could change? But God is not like man, nor are His gracious purposes confounded by our sinfulness. Though Paul’s sin was great, God’s grace was greater. What a comfort this is for sinners like you and me!”


If you have been like me and avoided reading them because it seems like the hip thing to do and you are so over popular hipster trends, well then I suggest you get over it and try it out. I don’t regret it. You can’t judge everything based off appearances.


All these images were taken by me on a Saturday sunrise in mid August with my trusty Nikon at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.


Lastly, this song seems to go well with the blog post. It’s been one of my favorites lately.

Update on my etsy shop!

10399320_521608365988_7279_n            I found some new items for my etsy store! I’m so excited about all the colors and outfits that will be made with these pieces! DSC_0484_1

              Another find were these tree patterned containers that can hold stuff and be candle holders all at once! I also updated my about page, and added a temporary shop logo in addition to the banner and profile pic that already existed. Plus I updated my LinkedIn account a bit. I’d say the day has been productive!

DSC_0467_2 DSC_0471_2 DSC_0479_1

           Having an etsy store can be slow going, but investing your time and efforts pay off eventually. I made another sell recently and enjoyed packaging it up and sending it. It’s always such a thrill. Snail mail is magical.

unnamed (5)

            Go take a look and be looking forward to new listings going up soon!             https://www.etsy.com/shop/MarysReliquaries


My Sister.

I was born the first girl after six boys. Yes, I know…it’s a lot of kids and it’s a lot of brothers. Then three years later God saw fit to give me a sister. Growing up we had our differences. And we were pals, but I didn’t fully understand how much of a gift she truly is until I was older.babymary11910140_511477218888_779_n
We are certainly unique and differ in many areas, but as we have matured into young married ladies we have grown very close. It’s kind of ironic that we have become so close in recent years. It’s ironic because there is a lot of distance between us with me living in Dallas, TX and her in Louisiana where we were raised. But the distance seems to pull us closer. Chatting on the phone weekly and trying to keep up with one another’s lives.

It’s not just our appearances that are in contrast of one another. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and I’m 5 “7. Becca is a blonde with blue eyes and is 5 something but def shorter than me. She’s the blonde to my brunette! Our fashion sense overlaps in some areas, but mostly we have different taste in clothes. I have a flare for vintage and she’s more modern in her fashion palettes. She loves make up and I personally feel “more freely me” all natural with a little cover up on blemishes & Pomegranate Bert’s Bees on my lips. I go to her for make up advice and she’s pretty knowledgeable and usually can answer any questions I have.She also sells Avon and is my very own Avon lady! But these differences are some that I come to appreciate more and more. It allows us to learn from one another.

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

After I went through a traumatic event in the fall of 2011, I began to realize allowing Becca into my story would give us a closer bond. I wanted her to know the deepest darkest and scariest parts of me and not just the joyful parts. I wanted our sisterhood to grow and so I called her up the following summer after the incident and told her about this event that had altered my life dramatically. She has been there for me when I was confused, hurting, and healing. She’s a constant when my world seems to spin. She talks to me on the phone until I’m happy and laughing again when I’m troubled. She prays for me, and she reminds me of who God has made me to be on those days when I’m feeling the darkness clouding in. To say that I am thankful for her isn’t enough. I couldn’t express how deeply grateful I am for her. I’m so glad God gave me a sister to cherish and love for always.


Aside from my husband, she’s my best friend. Now, growing up I would have never guessed we would be as close as we are now. When you grow up so close in age and share a room things can be pretty touch and go, hah. But I’m constantly amazed at how easily I can trust her when I’m not feeling very trusting in general. When I’m struggling with ptsd or feeling exceptionally down she’s there lifting me up with her love.
My prayer is that I am a strong love and support for her the same way she has been for me. I love this lady, sister, and friend so much!!! She has two adorable boys that I’m crazy about. I love being an aunt to them, and for that matter all my other nieces and nephews as well. But that is a bit of a rabbit trail from this posts’ topic.
Today I am thankful for my Seester. Today and for always. 


Sharing a post about grace.

Why I Don’t Believe in Grace Anymore.

Please read this^^^^. I couldn’t have said it more elegantly or beautifully. I found and read this at the perfect time in my life. It really hit me right where I needed it, and I believe many others will connect with this guys thoughts and views on grace.

Wesley and I had our two year anniversary on Monday and what a wonderful, adventurous, challenging, and rewarding ride it has been. I look forward to continuing the rest of our journey together.



Photos by Aimee Howell of Aimeehoweel.com