Trying it out. Feb 22, 2012

I’m not the best with words, but I value when others attempt at sharing things on their heart. I suppose I will attempt sharing my heart from time to time on here.

There are a lot of things changing around me right now. This year I will experience change in many ways that I never have before. I must admit that I’m excited to see God at work in my life and see where he takes me. Knowing that I get to share my life with Wes is so exciting to me. To be able to serve others along side my best friend makes my heart swell up with joy. I’m so thankful that God allowed our friendship to develop for over 4.5 years into something so full of life. I imagine God watching Wes and I from above through the years and smiling because he knew that all the things we were going through were allowing us to build trust and love. Neither of us really catching His plan until it was time. God is amazing at everything. And we are SO lost without Him.

Sometimes change looks sad and so it can begin to feel like it’s a negative thing, but time and time again I am reminded that change can be an amazing thing, too. He uses EVERYTHING. He needs to be our EVERYTHING.

I want to glorify my Father with the change in my life. With each new leaf I know there is a blessing from God and a lesson to be had. My job is to stay hopeful and trust in HIM above all else.

Before my relationship with Wes and before all the desires of my heart I must put God first. I must be pursuing Him. When I lose that focus I start to wonder… why am I struggling right now???  (stupid me) Duh, I need to work on my relationship with God. For me to be able to fully give myself to others and let God use me; I’ve got to be working on my relationship with God first. Without God I am giving them me, and my love isn’t good enough. My love is nothing without God. With all this change happening I feel like it’s vital to stay in tune with God. It’s so easy to get discouraged because change can be very stressful; even in the midst of knowing God is at work.

I pray for my friends and family who are all experiencing a lot of change and will continue to in the months ahead.


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